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Access to a personal and reliable electrician is essential in maintaining a workplace without losing productivity. When you’re setting up or running a business that you value the security, energy efficiency, aesthetics and smooth operation of, you need professional reliable electricians who provide quality work. Enquire about our electricians today.


What does a commercial electrician do?

Commercial electricians specialise in providing electrical repair, maintenance and safety checks within commercial offices, retail stores and other related workplaces. They can also design, plan and diagram electrical systems, conduits of pipes and tubing required by local electrical codes specific to the workplace’s needs.

Commercial electricians mostly work with hand tools like screwdrivers, pliers, knives, power tools and monitoring tools. If you require installations, rewiring, layering of cables, repairs or designs, you need a commercial electrician. Competent commercial electricians are adaptable, creative, experienced and professional.


How is this different from Oggy’s other electrical services?

When employing Oggy’s for commercial electrical fitouts, you employ Oggy’s once for that one project (and then, when you see how great we are, again for the next one). When you apply for a commercial electrical maintenance contract, you decide what services you want and how often you want them performed.

When you enquire about hiring one of our electricians, you can sign a contract with them to ensure they’re always the electrician to come around, or you can hire them for a one-off job or repair. Either way, you’re hiring them for a personal experience where you’re interested in a specific electrician for your needs.

Extraordinary projects deserve extraordinary electricians.

Professional, Reliable and Quality Commercial Electricians



Our Commercial Electricians serve these kinds of spaces…

Our commercial electricians serve commercial spaces including corporate offices, schools and educational facilities, retail stores, medical facilities, sports and recreational facilities, government facilities, small business sites, hospitality, accommodation and more.


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Enquire about how we can get to your project. Oggy’s serves Western Sydney, Hills, Sydney Metropolitan and Greater NSW.

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